The Diamond Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Loose Diamond

This is an important first step, and completely based on personal style. There is no right or wrong way to choose diamond shapes. It’s all based on personal taste. If you have multiple favorite shaped diamonds our highly trained Jeweler will walk you through a Custom Design process that will leave you with the perfect loose diamond for your jewelry!

2. Understanding the Ideal Diamond Cut

Cut refers to the angles and proportions a skilled craftsman creates in transforming a rough diamond into polished diamonds. Nature determines so much about a diamond, but it takes a master cutter to reveal the stone’s true brilliance, fire and ultimate beauty.
Based on scientific formulas, a well-cut diamond will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse.  Learn more about diamond cuts.

3. Carat Size is Actually the Diamond Weight

Carat is often confused with size even though it is actually a measure of weight. Sometimes, you might think a larger diamond appears more brilliant than a smaller one. This is because light must travel a greater distance through a larger diamond. The result is a prism effect that your eye registers as more brilliance and fire. One carat is divided into 100 “points” so that a diamond of 75 points weights 0.75 carats.

4. Diamond Clarity - Determines Brilliance (Sparkle)

diamond clarity

When light enters a diamond, it is reflected and refracted out. If there is any thing disrupting the flow of light in the diamond, such as an inclusion, proportion of light will be lost. As a result brilliance could be diminished. The number of inclusions can determine the degree of brilliance. Inclusions, which are sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Fingerprints”, are usually not visible to the naked eye unless magnified.  Refer to our diamond clarity chart so that you get a better idea.

5. Color

The best color for a diamond is no color. Because it is the totally colorless diamond that acts as a prism, allowing light to pass effortlessly through the diamond and be transformed into rainbows of color. To give a woman the purest white diamond is to show your true colors as well.
The color grading scale (diamond color chart) goes from totally colorless to light yellow. The differences between one grade and another are very subtle.

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Diamond Quality Guide

Our diamond education aims to educate you more about the 4Cs of Diamonds – cut, color, clarity and carat weight – the 4 c’s of diamonds order of importance, which are the key characteristics to remember when making a diamond purchase. This diamond buying advice along with the color grading scale, diamond clarity chart and diamond color chart should help you memorize and understand the basics better. Make sure to read this diamond quality guide prior to making a loose diamond purchase.

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